Helichrysum, Immortelle (Italicum), (Albania)

Helichrysum, Immortelle (Italicum), (Albania)

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Plant family: Asteraceae

Latin name: Helichrysum angust italicum, albanian

Origin: Albania

Plant part (steam distilled): Flower/Heads

Facilitates & helps w/herpes, anti inflammatory, nervine, cicatrizant, scars, headaches, skin, wounds, cholesterol balancer, high immune stimulant, MS, candida, liver cleanser, aphrodisiac, cerebral wounds, concussions, imbalance. Prostatitis, anti inflammatory for varicosities of all types, phlebitis, internal & external hemorrhaging, shock. Aids all types of arthritis.

Can enhance the work of all other essences. Incredible aid for all wounds and injuries

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