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Clients wanting to book a massage can do so within a Tru Belief Healing session. Prices are the same.

Tru Belief Healing

In Tru Belief Healing sessions, John intuitively guides you to help you identify the underlying limited beliefs and patterns that contribute to your suffering and imbalance in any area of your life.

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If you are a first time client, please schedule a consultation first.

Working together, you will decide on the best course for the session.

You will have access to:

These tools are available to help bring more self awareness, forgiveness, acceptance and perspective; ultimately leading you out of your suffering and into a new relationship with yourself.

This session is effective for any physical ailment, emotional or mental imbalance, and relationship issues.

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Sound Healing with David Ascenza

In a Sound Healing session, David will blend frequencies to help you accelerate the integration of your Tru Belief work and bring your body and mind into harmony.

Each session David creates a safe nurturing space for your healing. After setting intentions on what you would like to have cleared or balanced, you will lay on a warm massage table. You will then be immersed in healing frequencies by David’s variety of powerful healing tools; including Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls, Crystal pyramids, hand bells and much more. As you bathe in these healing vibrations, tension leaves and you feel lighter, your beliefs don’t feel as limiting and your thoughts are more positive.

Clients have reported many benefits after a sound healing session with David; restful sleep, reduced pain and anxiety, and an overall sense of well-being, to name a few.

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  • One-time Tru Belief session - the cost of this session can be applied to any package you purchase within one month of your first session.

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