Tru Belief Sessions

Tru Belief Healing was created out of my deep desire to help people out of their suffering and into self- awareness and empowerment.

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I have gone through my own suffering. Many years battling depression, anxiety and panic attacks. All of the tools I provide in my Tru Belief sessions are things that have helped heal my own life. I offer these tools to you with a deep understanding of suffering and how to free yourself from it

As humans, pain is part of life. We all experience pain. We may get physically ill, have emotional or mental imbalance and also have toxic relationships with others.

It is how we deal with the pain that determines whether we let go and heal, or we suffer.

Suffering can show up in many ways; resentment, deep anger, guilt, remorse, shame, denial, consistent negative self -talk, feeling like a victim, martyr, feeling left out or isolated, not connecting to others, people pleasing, self- loathing, feeling lost or directionless, depression, anxiety, to name a few. Anything that doesn’t feel good for a prolonged period of time that affects your life adversely could be counted as suffering.

Are you willing to make the changes needed to stop suffering?

If you are willing to make a change, Tru Belief Healing is for you!

Tru Belief Healing has helped people suffering from many imbalances such as Lyme’s disease, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, Relationship issues, abuse, self-loathing, addiction and much more.


I provide a safe and nurturing space…

for you to better observe these painful spaces with less judgment, more forgiveness, and acceptance, so that you can see your authentic self clearly.

The purpose of Tru Belief Healing is to lead you out of your suffering and help you to become more self-aware, more inclusive and ultimately empowered enough to make the choices you need to free yourself from your own suffering.

Self-awareness can be difficult at times. Seeing some of these patterns and beliefs can be daunting and painful to look at. I provide a safe and nurturing space for you to better observe these painful spaces with less judgment, more forgiveness, and acceptance, so that you can see your authentic self clearly.

During a Tru Belief Healing session, we will explore the root causes of your suffering by identifying underlying beliefs and patterns that support your suffering. With that newfound awareness, you can then choose to cut energetic cords with these patterns to help you better observe your patterns and how they affect your life. We will use essential oils to engage your senses to help you easily access information within yourself that will aid the session. We will also do an energetic clearing of these patterns and beliefs that you choose to release, to help you align more easily to your most authentic self. When necessary, we will use massage to help your body process and release all the work out of your tissues. You will also have the opportunity to have sound healing added to any Tru Belief session, which can help magnify the healing work we do exponentially.

The beauty of this work is, that once you become aware, you will not lose it again. True awareness can never be taken away.

When you become more aware, your choices become clearer.

Here are some other possible outcomes to look forward to from doing Tru Belief Healing sessions:

  • Your thoughts and feelings become more aligned to your most authentic self.

  • You will change your relationship to viruses and other diseases in your body to help the body heal more efficiently.

  • You become less burdened and overwhelmed by relationships, and the outside world.

  • You will take things less personally.

  • You will begin to love and honor yourself.

  • You will let go of past hurts, wounds, and resentments.

  • You will more easily leave toxic people and relationships behind.


The beauty of this work is, that once you become aware, you will not lose it again.

With more awareness, forgiveness, and acceptance for yourself and others is much more natural. Your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health is much more harmonious.

  • You will be able to feel much more at ease with yourself, no matter what life throws at you.

  • You will find your true center again.

  • You will remember how unlimited you truly are.

  • You will begin to realize that those beliefs that caused so much pain have been lying to you. You are not those beliefs...You are much much more…you are limitless.

To make the most out of Tru Belief Healing sessions, I invite you to ask about the packages we have available. If you really want to make lasting change a package may be the most effective choice for you. A single session is great but within a package, you will receive additional consistent and structured support in between each of your sessions which help so much in integrating all of your work.

You will be given all the tools and self-awareness you need to continue unfolding into the greatest version of yourself.

It brings me great joy and honor to be part of your healing journey!

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