Tru Belief Packages

Hello! I am glad you chose to take your healing to the next level. I am so happy to see you commit to yourself and your well-being. This commitment to ending your suffering takes courage and I’m here to provide all the support you need in your process.

Why choose a package?

To achieve long lasting results, it is absolutely critical that you follow through and commit to your process. Oftentimes clients can lose momentum when they book scattered appointments. With a package, you are committing to a focused amount of time on these issues. This focus and commitment can be life changing!

Each of the packages are designed to maximize the work you do with me in Tru Belief Healing sessions.

Through the years, I have found that the hardest part of this work is integrating your new belief systems into your relationships and lives.

When you become aware of all of these patterns in your life, it can be life changing, and difficult at times.

Each of these packages provide consistent guidance and support in between sessions to help you stay focused on your path and get you to the other side of these limited patterns and onto your new limitless life!

Each package is perfect for those stubborn patterns that have many layers to them. You need consistent support to ease the grip of those patterns.

If you are ready to end your suffering…Let’s get started!

What you receive with a package

When you commit to a package, you’re getting much more than you would from just booking a Tru Belief session. You are receiving daily support and healing from me.

Also, the packages are designed to provide you with a supportive framework to keep you focused and on track. Making a transformational shift is not easy and it takes work. These packages are designed to help you through your transformation and have life long tools that can sustain these changes in your lives.

When you invest in a package with me, you’ll receive…

  • Weekly Cord Cutting (in between sessions). We will cut energetic cords and attachments between you and your patterns, and those who trigger you, to help you stay focused and clear. This will help you to observe how these patterns affect your lives, instead of being caught up in them and reacting. Great for keeping you focused and moving forward!

  • Daily chat support on Slack. I create a private channel that will give you direct access to me in between your Tru Belief sessions. This is your chance to share your concerns and questions with me as you integrate all of your healing work.

  • Daily healing energy sent from my own private Reiki Crystal Grid. This energy will help support your new belief system and help ease the process.

  • One Essential Oil per month. Each oil is intuitively picked by me to best serve your healing process.

  • Personalized guided meditations. Each month I will upload a guided meditation with the oils to a private YouTube channel. This will be specifically created to help you on your journey.

  • Monthly Zoom conference chats. At the end of the month, we will discuss your progress, what you want to focus on and set intentions for the following months.

  • In some of the packages, you will have access to Sound Healing sessions with David Ascenza. This is a perfect way to integrate your work exponentially.

  • Some packages give you access to all of my classes and meditations, including the Level One Aromatherapy certification and an all expense paid trip to Sedona, Arizona for the Advanced Level 2 Aromatherapy training at Wisdom of the Earth!

  • Some packages offer a special weekend retreat. So often we forget to take time to just step back and take care of ourselves and our needs. This retreat is a chance to take a break from your process and just receive. A nice treat to help you remember you are not choosing suffering anymore! It is all about Self-Love after all.

After our intensive work together your life will be transformed!

What you can expect

If you are ready, here is what you have to look forward to!

  • Your thoughts and feelings become more aligned to your most authentic self.

  • You will change your relationship to viruses and other diseases in your body to help the body heal more efficiently.

  • You become less burdened and overwhelmed by relationships, and the outside world.

  • You will take things less personally.

  • You will begin to love and honor yourself.

  • You will let go of past hurts, wounds, and resentments.

  • You will more easily leave toxic people and relationships behind.

With more awareness, forgiveness, and acceptance for yourself and others is much more natural. Your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health is much more harmonious.

  • You will be able to feel much more at ease with yourself, no matter what life throws at you.

  • You will find your true center again.

  • You will remember how unlimited you truly are.

  • You will begin to realize that those beliefs that caused so much pain have been lying to you. You are not those beliefs...You are much much more…you are limitless.

Schedule a free consult to find out which package would work best for you. I look forward to working with you!