I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for the past 18 years. It has been one of my most profound healing tools. In my own personal life, it has helped alleviate my depression and anxiety and helped me to become more in tune with my body.

John Odlum licensed massage therapist

Because of this, I don’t get sick often, because I pay attention to what my body needs and act accordingly.

The benefits of massage are well documented. Stress relief, injury recovery, mental and emotional well- being to name a few.

When you receive regular massage, your body can start setting up healthy patterns. How?

It does this by breaking the cycle of pain within the body (emotional and physical); thereby giving your body permission to be at its most optimal level of health.

Because of this ability for massage to break unwanted patterns, it is a perfect complement to my Tru Belief Healing sessions.

During a Tru Belief session you release many unwanted beliefs and patterns. Some of these patterns have been around for a long time. And the body often holds onto these patterns deep within the tissues.

Massage can help your body release these patterns and trauma and make room for you to align and ground into your most authentic self.

During a massage session, I work intuitively, listening to what your body needs in the moment. Through my touch, I encourage your body to release what no longer serves you. It may be emotional pain/trauma, abuse, self -loathing/body image, physical pain cycles, stress, or whatever is blocking your bodies highest potential.

I allow your body to speak to me and guide me during the entire session. All of my body work tools come alive (craniosacral, deep tissue, Swedish, TSR, acupressure) to meet your body’s needs.

Reiki is flowing constantly during the session to fill your body and mind up with positive energy to process, balance and heal.

Pure essential oils are used to bring the wisdom of the plants and trees into your body. They communicate directly with your body on a cellular level helping to release blockages and restore balance. As they work on the physical level, the scent from the oils lulls your mind into a peaceful state, allowing your body the space it needs to heal deeply.

As the session progresses, your body and mind begin to align becoming more in tune and harmonious. You feel renewed and refreshed and more grounded in your authentic self; further and further removed from your limited beliefs and patterns.

As you continue to receive massage on a regular basis, you may experience more profound longer lasting effects: freer movement, less stress, less physical pain, better circulation and better mental and emotional health, more body and self- awareness, more self -love and compassion for your body and much more.

All massages can be booked under a Tru Belief session. All prices are the same.

Sonic Massage

If you are ready to take your treatments to the next level, try a tune up.

Master Sound and Vibration Therapist David Ascenza will join the massage session with a unique blend of tools that transport you to a place of inner knowing, away from repetitive thinking and doubts.

By using synchronous vibrations, played at slightly different frequencies he is able to harmonize your body on the cellular level.

This works by the entrainment of our bodies vibratory rate effecting not only our organs and body systems, but our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Through the use of sound therapy, re-programming your belief system becomes accelerated, enabling you to master the integration of your new belief system.

By harmonizing the frequencies of powerful sound tools, essential oils, reiki, and touch this is sure to be a one of a kind, transformative experience.