Medicinal Aromatherapy

John Odlum with essential oils

As I look back over the past 18+ years of being a Medicinal Aromatherapist, I’m amazed at how essential oils have truly changed my life.

My whole perspective on life has changed; I have physically healed myself many times over, cleared away suffering from depression and anxiety, and have gained a much greater self-awareness and expanded consciousness.

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. Much research and direct experiences have been documented on the healing abilities of these essences. I have witnessed firsthand, countless clients, friends, and students transform their lives with the help of aromatherapy. I have seen things ranging from; cancer, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship issues, and much more, balanced and healed with the help of essential oils.

Adding essential oils to your daily routine can have a profound and life changing impact on any area of your life.


Think of your favorite place to go in Nature. The place you feel most connected too… The place you go to get away and recharge yourself. It could be the beach, mountains, forest, lake; wherever you feel most drawn to.

What do you feel in these places? When you are surrounded by Nature, all of your senses are engaged. All of the elements of Nature are speaking to you through your senses. This engagement with Nature usually brings up a feeling of connection, calm, an overall sense of well-being.

Being in Nature, you often gain a new perspective on your life. You feel connected to something greater than yourself. You often go to these special places to remember what’s truly important in life. These places are where you connect with the harmony that Nature embodies and expresses. Witnessing and engaging in the harmony of Nature can be profound and healing on all levels.

John Odlum in nature

When you spend more and more time in Nature, your whole body and mind start to harmonize. You become healthier the more you connect.

Essential oils are a direct product of Nature. They are concentrated medicine within the plants. They are the medicine for the plants themselves, keeping them healthy and thriving. They embody that harmonization of Nature, by adapting the chemistry within the plants to be in harmony with its own body and environment. Because of this, plants know how to instinctively thrive in whatever environment they are in.

Essential oils are a true gift to us from Nature. They bring this harmonization effect directly from Nature into our bodies and minds. Using pure essential oils is a direct link to the consciousness and wisdom of Nature. Their aromatic quality is perfectly designed by Nature to engage our sense of smell, which is one our most powerful senses. They communicate directly to us through our senses.

Once we inhale a pure plant essence, the consciousness of the plant engages our limbic/emotional brain immediately. From there, memories, emotions and sensations can bring up important information from within that we need to be aware of in order to heal.

Once you put the essences on your body, within minutes they go into your bloodstream and directly communicate with every cell. Our bodies naturally want to heal and be in harmony. The presence of the plant essence within, allows the body to unlock its innate healing ability; thereby allowing all limited beliefs, patterns, and wounds to come up to your awareness, so you can choose to clear them and create more harmony and balance within.

The more you use the oils, this communication becomes deeper and harmony becomes a natural state. You become more adaptable and balanced in your mInd, body and spirit.

This wide-reaching harmonization effect of essential oils makes Aromatherapy a perfect complement for every session and class at Tru Elements. They alleviate suffering by helping you to release patterns, beliefs and anything else that holds you back from being in harmony with all aspects of yourself.

The purity of the essential oils is important. The more an oil is adulterated, the more watered down that communication with Nature becomes.

Wisdom of the Earth

I use only Wisdom of the Earth essential oils because they have the highest quality and integrity that I have found.

I use only Wisdom of the Earth essential oils because they have the highest quality and integrity that I have found. I know the hearts of the owners Barry Kapp and Audre Gutierrez personally, and they are unique in that they put the care of the plants above all else. They outsource all the farmers and personally visit many of them to bond and connect with them, to be sure that they have the plants best interest at heart. All of the farmers they find use natural farming methods, never spray chemicals and do not adulterate the oils at all.

When it’s time to pour the oils, every single bottle is hand poured by Wisdom of the Earth with love and reverence of all the wisdom and medicine they embody. All of this is done to maintain that clear direct message from Nature into your body and mind.

Wisdom of the Earth also places strong emphasis on education.

I carry that intention forward in offering many classes in aromatherapy.

I feel so honored to be a bridge between the plant and human world. To be a messenger for plants fills me with joy. To be able to see countless clients and students become more aware, empowered and healed because of these oils is priceless to me.

I invite you check out my classes and events. There really is so much to learn and I’m happy to offer education for you to explore the wonderful world of medicinal aromatherapy.

And don’t forget to check out my essential oil store, where Wisdom of the Earth’s pure essences are available.

If you are new to aromatherapy, I highly recommend booking a consultation with me. I would be happy to guide you to find the right essences for you on your journey.