John- Your knowledge, kindness and the absolute sincerity helped me on so many levels. I do thank you, Lori-Jo

I met John through a mutual friend; John was invited to lead a meditation session. Feeling rushed & out of sorts; I didn’t think I’d settle into the session. His gentle, humorous, & compassionate style led me down a beautiful path toward a moment of peace. His massage sessions do the same; my good humor and world view perceptibly shift any time I see him. JR

John- I will always remember your compassionate healing with the essences. It comes through beautifully. You have integrity and I truly appreciate it. KP

The one thing that has been the most impactful in my experiences with you is your transparency in describing the products, treatments, etc. that basically allows me to make my own decisions about something without pitching one over the other. This allows me to trust you overall. Kyle

John, you have an amazing gift of connection to all beings, plants, trees, and human beings. You are truly passionate about connecting all of us together and listening to each other. The classes that I attended changed my life and I will always be grateful for that. LL

The level 1 WOTE class transformed my life. You were able to share so much wisdom about the essences and make them come alive. Many of the essences you were able to share a personal inspirational story about how you used it. Your knowledge of the connection between mind, body snd spirit also came thru your teaching. Beyond grateful for having begun my journey with wisdom of the earth with you.

The work that John does comes direct from the source. I have experienced his essence meditations, healing work and most importantly, I know his presence. Highly recommended! Elandara

You helped me step back and see the lies I was telling myself. That helped me identify the real truth of what I wanted in my life. A life changing experience. Adam

Tru-Elements is ONE OF A KIND ~ An experience you won't want to miss Their meditations are the best I have ever experienced✨ ~ John & David are AMAZING! Donna

Last night at Sound Immersion, I felt bliss and blessed, you brought me back to place of healing&harmony,U2 are a divine partnership, the sounds/oils combined produce a powerful synergistic healing...it was an transcending amazing experience all around, the Crystal pyramid... no words to describe how powerful and mesmerizing it's vibration is .. Keep spreading the love. Thomas Zen

I love my work with you. I started with a group sound essence meditation class so what is not to love. I instantly knew you had a special place for my spiritual healing work. Shortly after I met you for one on one belief work which dynamically changed me. I wish everyone could experience the cleaning of negative thoughts and emotions that occurs in our sessions. I’m a better friend, mom, daughter and professional woman thanks to the work we’ve done and continue to do. Tracy Julian

Your workshops are a lovely place to relax and calibrate my consciousness. Magical music, scents and energy! Cindy Shaw

To feel a direct connection with a plant essence is invaluable, beyond description. It's like receiving a message from the Divine. Thank you for providing a safe place to experience this type of connection! Sarah

The healing work has created clarity and allowed me to follow through with my intentions. I’m now able to choose how I respond to certain situations. I act verses reacting. Shelly S

I would say the most impactful was the 3 day class for aromatherapy. Since then I have been in several related classes. Aromatherapy has changed my life and I'm sure I will live longer and better because of it. Steve Carter.

Through John & his work as Tru-Elements I have learned the value of the Essences & how necessary they are for life. I've been reminded once again of our connection to the trees and plants, and how important it is that we maintain that connection for our health and well-being. John is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive, and he shares these gifts in everything that he does. I have learned so much about the trees and plants from John, and this learning and use of Essences has truly helped me to connect with myself on a deeper level. - Lauren Taylor, At Your Door Yoga

John and David’s essence and sound meditation has been a key ingredient to my spiritual growth and healing. John always meets me where I am on my spiritual journey, helping me heal only what I personally am ready to heal. Sonic massage is to die for and be reborn again. A true healer with no hidden agenda. Annette

I’ll never forget all of the lessons & messages over & over to love myself. I am still learning how to put myself first, but it is becoming more natural to care for myself first & then move on to caring for others. I am very grateful for you & WOTE continuing to help me practice & learn. Jana 

John has reminded me that the true power is always within. CS

There are so many ways your classes and one on one sessions have helped me. I would say the biggest thing is the change in myself has spread to my family. My parents have attended classes and my children select their own essences for the day. My partner puts them on before his high school teaching job and feels they keep him calm and focused for the day. I have co-workers asking me for information. My health has spread to others and it is so powerful and natural and real. Erin L.

The one thing that has been most impactful in working with John is his gentle acceptance and non-judgement.  We are working on beliefs, and this is both vulnerable and can lead to feeling/being judged; I have never felt unsupported or judged for the issues, the progress (or lack thereof), my frustrations or the challenges I wish to work on.  Nicole

The aromatherapy certification class was powerful.  It really helped me to connect to nature in a way I hadn't expected or known was possible.  It's since opened doors of natural healing for me and many others that I've been able to share the knowledge and "the knowing" with.  I appreciate the opportunity for a refresher of some of that information plus additional information in the application of essential oils class.  Thank you for sharing your gifts, knowledge and experience so that others can connect with our plant allies in such a meaningful way. Alicia Feller

Wisdom of the Earth, Aromatherapy Level One.  When a good friend of mine from CT told me just how good this training was, I couldn’t wait to book my flights from the UK to travel over for it.  The incredible quality of the oils speak for themselves, and John was an amazing teacher.  From creating a beautiful sacred and safe place in which to learn and absorb the energy and wisdom of the oils, to explaining things clearly, and supporting everyone through their practice sessions, I can’t recommend John and Tru-Elements highly enough.  Life-changing training and immense joy in being able to partner with the Green World on a much deeper level. Karen Ainsworth

After taking the Aromatherapy course 5 years ago, I feel that the most impactful teaching was how the plants and the trees can heal us if we listen what they are saying to us. Letting out intuition guide us to whatever essence is necessary at that moment!! That was BIG for me!️


John Odlum has been an amazing aromatherapy teacher and mentor. It has been a honor and pleasure to learn from him. His vast amount of knowledge, insight and heart connection make his classes accessible for all levels. John has a way with presenting the material in an exciting and fun way. His support began in the classroom and continued beyond. He was patient as I ordered oils with him and asked a lot of questions. John truly supported my journey and my own knowing with the plants and essential oils. I highly recommend working with John Odlum!  Susan Cote

"John's passion, knowledge and wisdom, truly impacted me from the first time I met him. He exudes passion and understanding of the human spirit and plant spirit beyond the realm of our comprehension. He is tapped into something far greater than most of us. You can see it in his eyes. He is a true healer".  Lisa Venn