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Are you ready to cut cords with your old patterns?

Eliminate the suffering in your life caused by limiting beliefs and patterns.

Allow yourself to focus on what supports your most authentic self and path.





When you make the decision to heal yourself, you begin an important journey. I will walk with you down this path and help guide you as your life expands to its fullest.

When you work with me in Tru Belief Healing sessions, you will find a relaxing environment where you will feel safe, cared for, and listened to. You will join a tribe of countless others who have made the decision to trust me on this path. Thank you for being here.

-John Odlum

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The most magnificent tool John has taught me is to dialogue with my own being. I now tap into my heart, my subconscious, and my soul. This allowed me to uncover the root causes of my suffering. I am my best resource . All of the answers are within. The healing work has created clarity and allowed me to follow through with my intentions. I’m now able to choose how I respond to certain situations.


Truly authentic facilitation of healing. If it feels foreign at first keep an open mind and heart. Without Tru-Elements & Wisdom of the Earth oils I would not physically be here to write this post.


I have searched many modalities of healing, you could say my life has been devoted to the path of healing and transformation. After suffering and surviving a lot of very painful and traumatic events in my life, I had to make a choice; to sink or to swim and I choose to swim. John has been one of my greatest assets in this recovery process. He has held space for me in ways no other ever has. He has shown me how to love myself again and help me to release limiting beliefs that were anchoring me to the bottom of the ocean. He is a great healer and I am forever grateful for his service. He is the first person I go to when I am needing to be realigned with my truth and he is the first person I recommend when I see that someone is suffering. If you are in need, whatever it may be, John can bring you back home to yourself, to self love, to healing, to feeling whole again.

Darlene D.

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