Sound Healing

David Ascenza with pyramid and bowl

Sound healing work is done with Master Sound and Vibration Therapist, David Ascenza.

Have you heard the sound of calm? Did you know that Sound Therapy has been used as a tool of healing for thousands of years?

Do you need to feel a deep sense of tranquilly, ease stress, depression, and anxiety, experience altered states of consciousness or out of body experiences, have relief from pain, balance your chakras, and have a better nights sleep for days after your appointment?

In a session, we will start by building the intention and discussing the things that you would like to work on. Your thoughts, memories, and limiting beliefs become the base frequency surrounding you.

Some essential oils, adding their own unique frequencies, will be selected to aid on your healing journey.

For the remainder of the appointment, you will be centered on a warm massage table surrounded in comforting frequencies from different bell instruments including: Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, Singing crystal pyramids, hand bells, and many others.

While immersed in the frequencies of powerful sound tools, tension leaves and we feel lighter, beliefs don’t feel as limiting, and our thoughts are more positive, making it the perfect addition to a massage or Tru-belief session. If you’re ready to return to a harmonious state, to achieve a sound mind and body, maybe it’s time to come in for a tune-up.

Sound Therapy has a number of benefits…

Crystal singing bowls
  • Promoting a deep state of relaxation and calmness

  • Reducing stress, depression, and anxiety

  • Sleep disorders and Insomnia

  • Relieving tension and blockages on a physical and emotional level

  • Pain Management

  • Reducing Blood Pressure

  • Cancer and symptoms of chemotherapy

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Aids Digestion

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Development of inner harmony

  • Improved creativity and clarity

  • Heighten intuition and perception

  • Raise focus and learning ability

  • Promotes Positive Thoughts

  • synchronizes heart rate and breathing

  • Speeding up the healing process

Sound Therapy has been used for thousands of years to provide better health on a physical and emotional level. One could say that’s the reason we consider healing to be the restoration of harmony from disharmony. We are energy beings in a state of constant vibration.

On the cellular level, our electrons orbit the nucleus of our cells, vibrating and making a unique sound. This means that all of our organs, tissues, muscles, and systems of the body are also vibrating to their own unique tune.

A harmony is created by combining sounds together, the vibrations come into balance with the strongest frequency, spiraling around until they even out. Our bodies vibrations create an orchestra of sounds that make up our vibratory rate extending beyond our bodies and into the space around us.

Music, intuitively played with intention has the ability to harmonize our bodies by using natural frequencies from powerful sound tools (ie. Singing Bowls, Crystal Pyramids, and medicine drums) that emit mandala-like wave patterns on a “phsyco-accoustic” level. Our bodies act as resonators, reacting to the reverberations in a way that causes any dissonance to shift.

Beyond the cellular level, our thoughts, emotions, and memories all have their own unique resonance, or deep rooted, looping sound wave. Our attitudes, values, perceptions, conclusions, paradigms, and behaviors may ultimately become our belief system. These beliefs can play a large part in creating our reality, and ultimately limit what we are able to achieve due to a narrow focus.

A thought we think over, and over, and over such as, I can’t do…, I am not worth…, I do not deserve…, I am not as good as…, I am afraid of…, etc, are all examples of limited beliefs. To have limiting beliefs is to live a limited life. Through the use synchronous vibrations, played at slightly different frequencies we are able to stimulate an entrainment effect on our bodies and mind. Through the use of sound therapy, re-programming your belief system becomes accelerated, enabling you to master the integration of your new belief system. To live in true harmony, we must be of sound mind and body.

About David

David Ascenza with crystal bowls

David Ascenza is a Master Sound and Vibration Therapist, Advanced Medicinal Aromatherapist, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and the Resident Sound Healer of Tru-Elements.

He offers one-on-one sessions, is featured in several of the Tru-Elements packages, can be added to your current massage, belief work, or Reiki session for amplified results, or you can catch him at a “Sound Immersion” or “Tru-Elements Essence and Sound Meditation.”

Through his unique style of blending, David is able to manipulate the frequencies of the listener with the use of soothing sound tools, powerful “Wisdom of the Earth” essential oils, and the balancing energy of reiki. Many clients have reported a deep sense of tranquilly, floating, altered states consciousness, out of body experiences, relief from pain, the easing of stress, depression, and anxiety, and a better nights sleep for days after their appointment.