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  • $10 - 1-12 small bottles (120ml bottles cannot be shipped in a small box)

  • $18 - 13-60 small bottles; 1-7 large (120ml) bottles

  • $26 - 61-100 small bottles; 8-12 large (120ml) bottles

When combining 15ml with 120ml bottles, count the 120ml as eight 15ml bottles. For example, if you purchase 5 small bottles and two hydrolats, the two hydrolats (120ml) count as 16 small bottles. So, you would add 5 + 16 and select the $18 shipping option.

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The offering of medicinal-grade essences and related products, and any suggestions as to their use by Tru Elements/Wisdom of the Earth, are not to be construed as AMA or FDA approval or as treatment of disease. These are ancient remedies that have been handed down through many generations and many cultures, and their properties are well known and well-documented in the aromatherapy and herbal communities/literature. The basis for their use is self-responsibility. That is, by purchasing and/or using these essences and related products, you are accepting responsibility for their use and their outcomes. If you are under the care of a physician, you should inform him or her of your intention to use these natural remedies. Tru Elements and Wisdom of the Earth are not responsible for any misuse or unintended outcomes of the essences.