I’m excited to get started with you! I wanted to applaud your decision to get serious about your healing. I am happy to be guide on this part of your journey.

In order to make this process as smooth as possible I want to take you through a few things you will need to know and do before we get the ball rolling.

How we will work together:

You have some things you want to work on, this will shift and other things may open up as we work together and thats the nature of healing. Things may feel worse at times but you will be moving through things to get to the other side and I will be here guiding and supporting you!

How we communicate:

I have created a private channel on Slack. Please download this app on your phone and computer. Its a free download.

I have sent you an email inviting you to join the chat. It is a private chat that only you and I can see. Here you have direct access to me while we work together. Here you can ask questions, share your feelings and experiences and I will be there to listen and give you insights and tools to help you in between your Tru Belief healings.

It is important that we communicate through Slack during our time. It will be easier to access each other instead of sifting through texts and flooded emails.

My availability.

I work Tuesdays through Fridays 11am-830pm. I have clients on these days, so I may not respond right away.

I do take vacations so I will let you know well in advance so you are prepared. One month in advance.

It’s time to book your sessions! You want to make sure and book now….Remember to try and make each session two weeks apart for integrating your work.

If you have Sound healing sessions as part of your package I would book them now as well.

In between the sessions you can send me via Slack whatever you would like to cut cords with…I will be sure and let you know what day and time I will do that remotely so you can tune in…

Each night I will be sending you healing energy as well.

Towards the end of each month, usually after your second live Tru Belief session you need to book a Zoom session here. This is where we touch base on your progress and set intentions for our work together moving forward.

Each month I will be sending you an essential oil intuitively picked by me. I will also have a corresponding meditation uploaded to a private YouTube channel that you can watch.

  • It’s time to book your sessions. You have 2 Tru Belief sessions per month 2 weeks apart( ideally). I would book out for your entire time with me so you can be sure to get the dates and times you want.

  • You also may have Sound Healing sessions with David Ascenza….I would suggest booking that now as well.

  • In between each live session, I will be cutting cords for you remotely…You can let me know in Slack what you would like to cut cords with. I will let you know when I am doing it ahead of time so you can sit and be present.